IOMesh Achieves Red Hat OpenShift Certification

BEIJING, China, Sep. 29, 2021 - IOMesh, a cloud-native storage product specifically designed and developed for Kubernetes, announced today it has achieved Red Hat OpenShift certification, and is officially available on Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog. This certification means users of Red Hat OpenShift can now easily deploy IOMesh to support their most demanding stateful applications and data services.

According to CNCF Survey 2020, a large proportion of stateful applications are running in containers, while storage remains one of the major challenges in using/deploying containers. The bottleneck lies in high requirements of stability and performance. With a high IOPS and ultra-low latency achieved by IOMesh, IO-intensive applications such as databases can run smoothly in containers.


Architecture Diagram of IOMesh

“Even at its preview stage, IOMesh has already demonstrated industry-leading performance and stability that outperform multiple peer products,” said Kyle Zhang, CTO & Cofounder of IOMesh, “We built IOMesh with the most demanding applications in mind. Taking our own production-ready distributed storage product as the kernel, we provide production-level persistent storage for business-critical applications. The Red Hat certification demonstrates our ability to support mission-critical workloads on OpenShift. Red Hat has built the world’s largest certified commercial ecosystem for containers, we look forward to serving our joint customers through this collaboration.”

“Red Hat OpenShift can effectively increase developer productivity and drive innovation,“ said Aella Wang, Solution Architect Senior Director in Greater China at Red Hat, “At the same time, it provides a consistent application platform for one-stop management of existing, modern, and cloud-native applications running in any cloud. It's great to see IOMesh certified on OpenShift, which gives our enterprise users more options to embrace the cloud native journey.”

Red Hat OpenShift is the leading enterprise Kubernetes platform, built for an open hybrid cloud strategy. Red Hat OpenShift’s full-stack automated operations, consistent experience—across all environments—and self-service provisioning for developers let teams work together to more efficiently move ideas from development to production. Being part of Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog means the product is tested, certified, supported and enterprise-grade. IOMesh, as a certified OpenShift operator, as well as part of CNCF Cloud Native Landscape, stands out with the following unique benefits:

  • Kubernetes native: both applications and IOMesh can be uniformly managed with standard Kubernetes tools.
  • Support Kubevirt: provides persistent storage for both applications and virtual machines running in pods, allowing users to schedule and use virtual machines in Kubernetes clusters and benefit from the agility provided by containers.
  • Excellent performance: IOMesh running MySQL database reached TPS 2.81 times that of Portworx, with P95 latency 70.07% lower than Portworx.
  • High reliability: no additional kernel modules introduced, providing effective fault isolation for applications.
  • High cost-effectiveness: flexible deployment of multiple storage media, data blocks are placed in different storage tiers according to performance requirements.
  • High scalability: starts small from a three-node cluster and scales up or out by flexibly adding disks or nodes online, without interfering with running applications.

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