IOMesh Completes Compatibility Certification for Alauda Container Platform

IOMesh and Alauda recently announced that the compatibility certification has been achieved for the persistent storage solution for containers. According to a test result, IOMesh is fully compatible with Alauda Container Platform (ACP) V3.4.1.

As an innovative leader in the enterprise-grade cloud native field in China, Alauda has built ACP, a new generation of open, full-stack private cloud platform. Through Kubernetes and other cloud native technologies, Alauda helps customers accelerate the development, operation, and management of modern applications.

IOMesh, announced in June this year, is specifically designed and developed for Kubernetes. It possesses cloud-native characteristics including containerized deployment, automatic operation, declarative APIs, as well as demonstrates excellent performance and stability. IOMesh is the first storage product in China that has achieved Red Hat OpenShift certification.

The compatibility certification for IOMesh and ACP not only provides a new choice for ACP users to deploy persistent storage for containers in the production environment, but also further expands the container ecosystem.

About IOMesh:

As a cloud-native storage product specifically designed and developed for Kubernetes, IOMesh takes ZBS as its core, to provide production-level high performance and reliable persistent storage for business-critical applications such as MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, etc., contributing to the containerized transformation of stateful applications. IOMesh has now joined CNCF Cloud Native Landscape.

About Alauda Container Platform (ACP):

ACP is an open, full-stack private cloud platform centered around applications. Following the concept of "cloud native + open source", ACP covers the entire application life cycle, uses modules including infrastructure, application framework, data services, DevOps toolchain, and machine learning as platform components, and provides integrated full-stack and out-of-the-box solutions. It helps enterprises accelerate the development, operation, and management of modern applications.